Welcome to West Highland College UHI

We are delighted you have chosen to join us here on the NC Computing & Digital Media Courses.


Lewis will be your main point of contact and will teach your classes, you can contact him at lewis.sturrock.whc@uhi.ac.uk (It's a good idea to save this now)


This is your timetable, you have a short break at 10:45 and a longer one for lunch at 12:30. Classes are on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Some of you will learn in person and some of you will connect over the internet.


We have a few simple rules that we expect students to follow while they are studying with us - they help everyone to get the most out of the experience

  1. Be considerate of your peers
  2. Wait for your turn - don't speak over others
  3. No food or open liquids
  4. No phone calls - if it is important you can leave the room
  5. If you are ill or won't make it in, send an email


This is my YouTube Channel, most of our classes will be backed up here. So if you miss something the first time, you can always go back through it at your own speed.


This is a combined class and includes students who are studying level 5, as well as students who are studying level 6.

For a list of units, click on your level

Help Connecting

If you are studying online, please click the image above for help on connecting to the class


We will used lots of different software - if you click the image above you will find guides on how to use and access different software

Current Task

If you get lost, don't worry. You have my email and I will do my best to keep this page updated with the current task. Some people will move naturally faster or slower though, so don't worry if you have already completed the task shown on this page.


How do I know how I'm doing?

Most of the units are completed by portfolio work - this means you can get feedback on your work and try again if you make any mistakes.

However, a few of the units have formal assessments (Tests) Where you have a certain amount of time to complete some questions without any help. You will know in plenty of time when these are coming up, and we will do lot's of practice to get you ready

Try the demo quiz below to get a good idea of how you will be assessed

Demo Quiz